After the first successful meeting of the Implementation and Monitoring Group on the Philanthropy Policy, working groups have been set up by the Department of Rural and Community Development to look at making the objectives set out in the Policy a reality.

The Stimulating and Incentivising Philanthropy working group, chaired by KPMG held its first meeting with the second scheduled for late May, with great initiatives being progressed on how to grow and support Ireland’s philanthropy community, specifically looking at a robust budget submission with targeted recommendations on how to grow the Irish philanthropy community.

The Communications and Awareness Group, chaired by Philanthropy Ireland will meet in early June, there are over 10 members on the group from philanthropy, government and the nonprofit sector and we look forward to supporting the group as we look at ways to achieve the actions outlined in the Policy.

The Philanthropy Ireland team and Board are also involved in the other 3 working groups; Data and Research, Government and Sectoral Partnerships and Capacity Building, which will meet over the next few weeks and we look forward to putting forward ideas from our members and bringing our philanthropy community updates as the groups progress.

If you would like to talk to the team about the Policy please reach out, we are available at [email protected]

We have also created a condensed guide to the Policy, available below.