In the realm of philanthropy, partnerships play a pivotal role in driving impactful change and fostering growth within the community. One such partnership that has led to significant advancements is the collaboration between SmartSimple and Philanthropy Ireland. Through their joint efforts, Philanthropy Ireland has been able to leverage SmartSimple technology and innovation to amplify their mission, visualise the impact of philanthropy and support their members in new and dynamic ways. 

Cultivating a culture of philanthropy 

Philanthropy Ireland serves as the hub for the philanthropic community in Ireland, championing Irish philanthropy and inspiring a dynamic ecosystem of giving. Central to their vision is the goal of creating an active and vibrant culture of philanthropy. This commitment to excellence in philanthropy is further reinforced through strategic partnerships, such as the one with SmartSimple, which began in 2019. 

One of the flagship achievements of the Philanthropy Ireland and SmartSimple partnership is the development and launch of the Philanthropy Map in 2022. This interactive platform serves as a showcase of the breadth and impact of the Irish philanthropy community, both at a national and global level. Through the map, users can explore the various grants and initiatives undertaken by philanthropic organisations, which in 2024 totalled almost €170 million in 3000 grants captured on the platform. 

Inspiring giving 

The Philanthropy Map has emerged as a powerful tool for Philanthropy Ireland in furthering their core mission of growing philanthropy in Ireland and supporting their philanthropy community. By providing real-life examples of impactful giving, the map offers a glimpse into the tangible difference that philanthropic efforts are making in people’s lives. It serves as a catalyst for budding philanthropists, offering relatable and achievable examples of grant making while showcasing the diverse areas where philanthropy can drive positive change. 

Moreover, the Philanthropy Map acts as a window into the world of philanthropy, offering insights into giving trends, geographic distribution of funding, and opportunities for collaboration. By visualising grant making activities on a map, philanthropic funders can identify areas in need of further support and promote best practices in grant making. This transparency not only benefits current stakeholders in the philanthropic sector but also serves as a compelling case for government support and recognition of the impact of philanthropy in addressing societal challenges. 

Central platform for the philanthropy community  

The seamless integration of the Philanthropy Map into Philanthropy Ireland’s membership offering inspired further collaboration with SmartSimple, leading to the creation of Philanthropy Ireland’s Membership Hub, created and hosted by SmartSimple. This platform has led to enhanced engagement and collaboration among members. The Membership Hub has become central to the philanthropy community, offering a platform to access resources, provide event listings and access to the live Philanthropy Map.  

The Membership Hub has been adapted to support pivotal work outside of Philanthropy Ireland’s membership, including hosting working groups for Ireland’s first National Philanthropy Policy, allowing different philanthropy stakeholders including national and local government, research and educational agencies and members of the charity sector to use the platform in a practical sense to host meetings and resources but also showcasing the potential of philanthropy through direct access to the Philanthropy Map.  

Through the Membership Hub, Philanthropy Ireland has fostered a sense of ownership and participation in the collective effort to advance philanthropy in Ireland. This dynamic approach has not only showcased the impact of Irish philanthropy but has also positioned the map as a strategic tool for advocacy and research in shaping national policy on philanthropy. 

Lasting legacy of change 

The partnership between Philanthropy Ireland and SmartSimple exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change in the philanthropic landscape. Through innovative initiatives like the Philanthropy Map and the Membership Hub, Philanthropy Ireland has harnessed the potential of technology to showcase the impact of philanthropy, inspire collective action, and galvanize support for the growth of philanthropy in Ireland.  

Brendan Bradley, Managing Director of SmartSimple commented on the partnership with Philanthropy Ireland- “In philanthropy, much of the impactful work happens quietly in the background, often going unrecognised. Through our platform’s impact tracking, our clients can shine a light on their contributions and highlight the good work they do, bringing deserved recognition to their efforts. We take great pride in our partnership with the Philanthropy Ireland team and are inspired by their innovative ideas to enhance the platform, finding new ways to showcase the remarkable work of their member organisations.” 

As we look towards the future, it is clear that such partnerships will continue to be instrumental in shaping the philanthropic sector and creating a lasting legacy of positive change. 

To explore the Philanthropy Map click here Philanthropy Map – Philanthropy Ireland