Attendees at the PI Annual Donor Symposium 2019

On Thursday 21st November 2019, Philanthropy Ireland welcomed those engaged with philanthropy in Ireland to the RDS for our third PI Annual Donor Symposium, the premier event for philanthropy in Ireland.

Our theme The Challenge of Change: Philanthropy as a Catalyst , placed philanthropy and the donor at the forefront of societal change. Our panelists and contributors consisted of international and local donors, practitioners and thought-leaders who led discussions on the ‘how’ of philanthropy as a changemaker, supporting Ireland’s donors to continue approaching their philanthropy strategically and with ambition.

Some key points of discussion included:

  1. The challenge for family involvement — getting started and sustainability
  2. The challenge for corporate in aligning with their business objectives
  3. The power of philanthropy as a ‘nudge’ agent for change, and Government participation
  4. The value of impact management, and the importance of investing in impact measurement

Thank you to our partners and members whose support allows us to continue to promote the growth of philanthropy in Ireland and create meaningful knowledge exchange opportunities such as the PI Annual Donor Symposium.

We will share more information and links for some of the content discussed duringthe event with attendees very shortly.

Our Partners

Photographs from the PI Annual Donor Symposium 2019