Reflections on a Scoping Research by Avila Kilmurray, St. Stephen’s Green Trust

Ireland is growing in population and changing in terms of the diversity of its population and the attitudes of its people. St. Stephen’s Green Trust (SSGT) highlights that if change is to be for the better for all, then the specific disadvantages and inequalities that continue to persist need to be named and addressed.

SSGT’s scoping study is an attempt to build an understanding of the changing social situation and areas of greatest social need on the island of Ireland in 2022. The research provides context and comparative analysis of the social situation in Ireland: North and South.

Presented below are select highlights drawn from some comparative analysis in the research:

The SSGT research paper provides useful insights into the situation of many marginalised people in Ireland. The paper draws from a range of sources which has data from varying time periods and it must be observed that in some cases the data from North and South was not comparable. This highlights a strong need for more consistent and comparable all-island data around demographic, economic, political and social context.

The paper also connects to key discussions touched upon in a recent book written by Niall Crowley – ‘Civil Society for Equality and Environmental Sustainability: Reimagining a Force for Change (2022)‘ and emphasises the urgent need for independent philanthropy to help create space and facilitate activists to reflect on the opportunities and challenges for transformative change.

These reflections were compiled by Pavithra Ramesh, Impact Research Lead, Philanthropy Ireland.

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