Philanthropy Map

Philanthropy Ireland, in partnership with SmartSimple have created the Philanthropy Map. This map captures grant making from Philanthropy Ireland members from 2018-2023. It showcases the breadth of impact achieved by Philanthropy Ireland members at a community, county, country and global level. Philanthropy Ireland will provide continual updates on the map to showcase the efforts of our philanthropy community in supporting a number of key social issue areas that touch all of our lives. We hope this can provide a snapshot of the importance of philanthropy and the difference Philanthropy Ireland members are making all across the world. 

How to use the Philanthropy Map

Philanthropy is widely defined as private giving for public good. This interactive map serves to highlight the presence of such
giving across Ireland and globally. It visually represents nearly 2300 initiatives supported by the philanthropic efforts of 24 PI members* across 26 counties of ROI, 6 counties of NI and internationally. This is an ongoing effort to build understanding and awareness of what is happening, adding voice to championing local and global initiatives. 


We recommend zooming and hovering over geographic areas of interest on the map to pull up specific information about projects in
this area.


At a county level – initiatives in a specific county can be extracted by hovering over geographic areas of interest. 

Internationally – international initiatives in a specific country can be extracted by hovering over geographic areas of interest.


Focused on social issues, themes, and communities – initiatives that are focused on a specific theme or community can be filtered in a by entering relevant words in the search bar. For example, when you type ‘Education’ in the search bar and hit enter, the map will show initiatives that are focused on education. This keyword search can be used for several themes and issues
including mental health, cancer, domestic violence, climate, poverty, arts & culture, etc. 

Each of these searches will result in a customised list of geo pins that hold key information about local initiatives pertaining to respective search. Each geo pin provides the following information: 


·       Funder name 

·       Initiative supported 

·       Impact area 

·       Grantee name 

There is a richness of information here. Take time to look through it and be both inspired and amazed at the range of activity being supported by Irish philanthropy. And of course, please do give us your feedback at any time.

Discover the reach of philanthropy by clicking on the geo pins below – Learn about projects and communities being funded in counties near you. 


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