Putting Philanthropy on the Map

Members of Philanthropy Ireland (PI) are championing initiatives throughout the country. From Dublin to Galway, Cork to Donegal, our members are making a mark, one grant at a time. Their philanthropic efforts are impacting change across several spheres including education, health, environment, and community development, among others. 

In an attempt to capture the breadth of giving of our members, PI presents ‘Philanthropy in Ireland Map‘, powered by SmartSimple Cloud.  

Where is philanthropy making a mark in Ireland?

Philanthropy is widely defined as private giving for public good. This interactive map is an attempt to highlight the presence of such giving across Ireland. The map visually represents nearly 1500 initiatives supported by the philanthropic efforts of 24 PI members* across 26 counties of ROI and 6 counties of NI since 2018. This is an ongoing effort to build understanding and awareness of what is happening and to add voice to championing local initiatives.

Philanthropy in Ireland Map is an interactive map that captures key data around a number of social projects across Ireland – you can zoom into the map or use the search bar to pull up specific information around these projects:

  • At a county level – initiatives in a specific county can be extracted by looking up the county name in the search bar. E.g., when you type ‘Galway’ in the search bar and hit enter, the map presents all the initiatives supported by philanthropy in Galway.
  • Focused on social issues, themes, and communities – initiatives that are focused on a specific theme or community can be filtered by looking them up in the search bar. E.g., when you type ‘Traveller’ in the search bar and hit enter, the map presents all the initiatives that are focused on traveller services and welfare. This keyword search can be used for several themes and issues including mental health, cancer, domestic violence, climate, poverty, education, arts & culture, etc.

Each of these searches will result in a customised list of geo pins that hold key information about local initiatives pertaining to respective search. Each geo pin provides the following information:

  • Funding amount
  • Funder name
  • Initiative supported
  • Impact area
  • Grantee name

Discover the reach of philanthropy by clicking on the geo pins below – Learn about projects and communities being funded in counties near you. 


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