In 2018 Philanthropy Ireland marked International Women’s Day with our #FemalePhilanthropists campaign, a celebration of some of the outstanding women throughout history, and more recently, who have made lasting impacts of the causes they have supported via their philanthropy.

#IWD2019’s theme is #balanceforbetter. Collectively we can all strive for women’s equality and play our role in forging gender parity.

This year PI has compiled a list of some of the many ways in which our members are giving, and supporting women and girls. In Ireland alone there are so many funds and donors supporting the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Below is a selection of the projects that PI members are contributing to. Through philanthropy and strategic giving, donors are achieving economic empowerment, providing education, building leadership capacity, and nurturing the self-esteem of women in rural communities, along with so much more.

A balanced world is a better world.

Mná Na hÉireann Fund, Women of Ireland Fund at Social Innovation Fund Ireland

The Mná na hÉireann, Women of Ireland Fund is a €1.8 million fund over three years created by Social Innovation Fund Ireland in partnership with Bank of America and the Department of Rural and Community Development.

Just launched, it is the first fund in Ireland to support charities and social enterprises that seek to enhance the economic mobility of women.

The Fund’s ambition is to empower 1,000 women to find and secure sustained employment across Ireland and to double the impact of successful applicants to the Fund.

The Fund is currently open for applications until 18th April 2010.

Read more about the Mná Na hÉireann Fund, Women of Ireland Fund at Social Innovation Fund Ireland here.

Applegreen Blossom Fund at the Irish Youth Foundation

Applegreen in partnership with the Irish Youth Foundation provided €124,000 in 2018 to fund not-for profit-voluntary and charitable organisations supporting children aged 4–12 living in disadvantaged circumstances.

The Shona Project, one of the projects to receive a €2,000 grant from this fund, is an innovative and exciting charity that supports young girls from all over the world. Their philosophy is to educate girls about supporting each other to be smart, strong and, above all else, kind.

Find out more about the Applegreen Blossom Fund here.

The Women’s Fund at the Community Foundation for Ireland

Since 2010 The Community Foundation for Ireland has granted more than €1.5 million towards supporting organisations focused on improving the lives of women and girls.

The Women’s Fund prioritises working with smaller local and regional groups across the country, while also partnering with larger national organisations such as SAFE Ireland and The National Women’s Council (NWCI) in more tactical and long-term goals.

Current priorities for the Women’s Fund in the Community Foundation for Ireland are the prevention of violence against women and the empowerment of women to take leadership roles in communities.

In 2019 the Community Foundation for Ireland will continue to promote the Women’s Fund and encourage more donors, funders and collaborators to partner in achieving a more equitable society for women and girls.

Find out more about the Community Foundation For Ireland’s Women’s Fund here.

St Stephen’s Green Trust Support For SELFIE

SELFIE (Self Esteem, Leadership, Friendship, Influence and Empowerment) is a women’s project run by Rural Community Network (RCN) in partnership with NI Rural Rural Women’s Network, REACT and Building Community Resource Centre.

Via the SELFIE programme, forty women from Cookstown, Armagh, Ballymoney and their surrounding rural areas took part in cross community workshops and activities on self-esteem, confidence and relationship building, community safety, community awareness and social justice issues.

Read more about St Stephen’s Green Trust’s commitment to SELFIE and the impact of the programme here.

The Camden Education Trust’s support for Africa Code Week

Africa Code Week is instilling digital literacy and coding skills in the young generation, working closely with private, public and non-profit partners to drive sustainable learning impact across Africa. In 2018 of the 2.3 million young people who participated 46 % were girls.

Supported by PI member the Camden Education Trust, Africa Code Week is exposing girls to computer science, and empowering these girls and building confidence that translates to all aspects of their lives.

Read more about The Camden Education Trust’s support for Africa Code week here.