On October 4th Philanthropy Ireland presented to the Orieachtas Committee on Social Protection, Community and Rural Development and the Island on the topic of the effect of grants and acquiring bridging finance on community groups. Watch the full video and read the transcript here.

Philanthropy Ireland invited member company Community Finance Ireland to participate in the discussion in relation to bridging finance and talk about their experience.

Our CEO, Éilis Murray provided an opening statement to the Committee and outlined the importance of philanthropy to society and ask the Committee to support Philanthropy Ireland’s ask to produce a whitepaper to review fiscal measures that could support philanthropy. Recent independent research commissioned by Philanthropy Ireland, indicates that 66% of those aged 55+ agree that the tax system should include incentives for individuals who give to charity, with 18% saying they don’t know. A white paper can identify the right fiscal measures to stimulate greater and more sustained giving.

You can read the full opening statement here.

In advance of the Committee meeting Philanthropy Ireland submitted a briefing document on the landscape if Irish philanthropy and the opportunities for future development. The briefing document can be read here.