Philanthropy has a long-standing history of supporting health initiatives and this mental health month Philanthropy Ireland wanted to spotlight MyMind. This much needed social enterprise has been supported by many of our member organisations who understand the need for a community based and affordable approach to mental health supports, especially considering the long waiting lists for state support.

MyMind has received multiple grants from; Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, The Ireland Funds, Irish Youth Foundation, Rethink Ireland[i], and Community Foundation Ireland[ii], who have all contributed to this innovate approach. Philanthropic organisations have the ability to fund services that either do not receive state funding or state funding does not allow them to expand their service, innovate and take risks.

MyMind is at the forefront of mental health innovation in Ireland, being the first and largest blended model of mental health care in the country in 2022 alone they offered 42,568 appointments in person or online.

Their mission is to empower individuals and communities to take care of their mental health by providing high-quality, affordable, and accessible professional mental health services.

MyMind is dedicated to bridging the gap between public and private mental health services. Through a commitment to ensuring equality, fairness, and compassion for all, regardless of factors such as ethnic or social background, religion, health, gender identity, or politics. The organisation operates with honesty, reliability, and transparency in the pursuit of its vision, mission, and values when engaging with stakeholders.

As a social enterprise, MyMind is driven by a commitment to deliver outcomes that benefit the community.

In 2022, they reported significant engagement and growth in their services:

In 2023, MyMind continued to expand and improve their services, achieving the following:

MyMind is a fantastic example of where philanthropy can provide support for mental health access and awareness, but there are many more examples of where philanthropy has empowered mental health leaders and organisations to make a difference on a national and community level. These include Mental Health Reform, Pieta House, SpunOut, Aware and Shine…just to name a few!

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