Members Network

We host three Member Networking events annually with invited guest speakers. Each event seeks to address an aspect of philanthropy of interest to you our members. Here you will find resources from most recent events. If there is a theme you would like to see addressed we would love to hear from you.

Convening on Community Organising

In April 2023, Philanthropy Ireland convened a discussion on Community Organising. What is the potential for philanthropic investment in Community Organising? This was an opportunity to explore this question led by peers and colleagues leading on grant making.

Convening on Philanthropy for Climate

In August 2022, Philanthropy Ireland convened a round table discussion on Philanthropy for Climate. We hope this will be the first in a number of sessions on philanthropy’s role in climate and environmental action. Valuable contributions and inputs were made by panelists: Karen Ciesielski CEO, Irish Environmental Network; Emma Lane-Spollen, Social Impact Advisor; Denise Charlton, CEO, The Community Foundation Ireland.

Summer Event 2022: Launch of PI's Strategy & Impact Map

Philanthropy Ireland’s Strategy 2022 – 2025 and the Philanthropy in Ireland Map were launched. The launch was followed by presentations on assessing and mapping Impact by Brendan Bradley, Managing Director, SmartSimple Software EMEA; Sara Dennedy, Director of Impact, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland; and Vinay Nair, CEO & Co Founder, Lightful.


Spring Event 2021: Can Choices in Philanthropy Impact Progress?​

Panel discussion from Sarah Watson, Head of UK Knowledge & Learning at The National Lottery UK Community Fund, James Banks CEO with London Funders and Alma Curran, Corporate Affairs Manager for Ireland with Medtronic sharing insights and learnings as we consider how philanthropy can impact future change.

Autumn Event 2020: Human Rights and Philanthropy

Webinar discussion from Dr Carol Baxter, Head of Asylum Services Integration, Department of Justice; Michael Barron, Head of the Equality Fund, Rethink Ireland and Dr Wanda Wyporska, Executive Director with Equality Trust UK on philanthropy practice in the context of equality and racial equality, particularly in COVID 19 recovery. 

Summer Event 2020: Placing Collaboration at the Core

Collaborative style discussion from contributors: Katie Boswell, Assoc, Strategic Director and Leadership, NPC; Marcel Lauziere, President and CEO of the Lawson Foundation and Emma Lane Spollen, Philanthropy Advisor, Emma Lane Spollen & Associates on how collaboration between funders can lead to greater impact, recognising the challenges and opportunities involved, particularly in COVID 19 recovery.

Summer Event 2020: Placing Collaboration at the Core

Discussion around Human rights and Philanthropy with special contribution from Dr Graham Finlay, Assistant Professor at UCD School of Politics and International Relations.

Training Workshops

Supporting capacity and professional development is important. The training workshops seek to develop skills in the work of philanthropy using experienced trainers. Here you will find resources from recent workshops. If there is a theme you would like to see addressed we would love to hear from you.

Impact Assessment | May 2022

A group of diverse philanthropy practitioners came together for a two-part session facilitated by Philanthropy Ireland (PI) to probe into these questions.

The two sessions led by philanthropy adviser, Emma Lane-Spollen, were held as part of PI’s ‘Philanthropy in Practice series’ in the first two weeks of May 2022. While the first session focused on assessing impact as a funder, the second session explored supporting grantees in assessing their impact.

Assessment Process’ for grant applications | November 2021

This interactive session provided an overview and greater understanding of using financial statements, regulation and best practice to assess grant applications.
This specially developed training course provided processes, tools and increased confidence with greater ability to review and ensure that decision- making it effective and responsible.

Assessing Grant Applications 27th May 2021

Following our workshop on Designing a Grant Programme, we were delighted to host a follow up session on Assessing Grant Applications led by Emma Beeston, leading facilitator in grantmaking with input from Emma Hennessy on grantmaking practices.

Designing a Grant Programme 25th March 2021

This live interactive workshop on Designing a Grant Programme provided essential tools for those new to grantmaking or interested in doing a refresher course. Please click Download to access the slides and additional resources. 

Unconscious Bias with BRAP UK 25th November 2020

This live interactive workshop on Unconscious Bias introduced the concept of unconscious bias, explored how bias manifests itself in our everyday lives and how it can influence decision-making when allocating funds as well as our attitudes and behaviour towards others.

Effective Grantmaking with NPC 29th September 2020

This live interactive workshop on Effective Grant-making provided essential tools for your grantmaking activity. 

Philanthropy Symposium

As we seek to develop and expand the networks of donors and philanthropic interests, the symposium is our annual flagship event targeted at those engaged or open to engaging in philanthropy. This is a space for donors and donor intermediaries to discuss the practice of philanthropy. Thought leadership is provided by keynote speakers in interactive sessions to maximise opportunity for engagement.

Framing Our Future: How Can Philanthropy be a driver for change?

How Can Philanthropy be a driver for change? This is the question we posed at our 2022 Annual Donor Symposium held on the 16th November in the Merrion Room in the RDS. On this occasion we chose to explore the question through the lens of climate. A clear vision, partnership, and collaboration – these were the factors that resonated with our panellists.

Building Back Better: Connecting Social Investment Tools with Philanthropy

Featuring contributions from the social investment space both at European and National level, discussions explored how social investment tools, such as social impact bonds, social contracts, and bridging finance can be used for social good and how they are being used across Europe.

The Challenge of Change: Philanthropy as a Catalyst

Where can philanthropy be an influencer for change? How can philanthropy best be enacted? Why engage? These where just some of the questions up for discussion and debate.

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