Tableau is a powerful data visualisation tool that can be used by philanthropic and grantmaking organisations to improve their decision-making processes and enhance their impact. By using Tableau, these organisations can easily analyse and visualise data related to their grantmaking activities, allowing them to identify patterns, track outcomes, and make data-driven decisions.

One of the key benefits of Tableau is its ability to bring together data from multiple sources, such as financial records, program data, and surveys. This allows grantmaking organizations to gain a more comprehensive view of their impact and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, Tableau’s interactive dashboards and visualisations make it easy for stakeholders to explore data and gain insights in real-time.

Tableau can also be used to improve transparency and accountability in the grantmaking process. By making data publicly available through interactive dashboards or data portals, philanthropic organisations can provide stakeholders with a more transparent view of their activities, which can help to build trust and support.

Tableau is a valuable tool for philanthropic and grantmaking organisations looking to enhance their impact and improve their decision-making processes. Its ability to integrate data from multiple sources and provide interactive visualizations makes it a powerful tool for analysing and communicating complex information, ultimately helping these organisations to achieve their mission and drive positive social change.

We have put together a few insightful links around adapting Tableau in the philanthropy sector for  fundraising, grants management, and program management, among others:

  • Demo Video: This highlights examples of how Tableau can be used by philanthropic and grantmaking organisations.
  • Accelerators: These are ready made templates which should accelerate your time to value, instead of starting a dashboard from scratch.
    The highlighted accelerator is specific to donations, but feel free to browse and discover other ones that could be useful for you.
  • Tableau Public: This is a public platform where the members of our community like to publicly share their dashboards, in order to promote collaboration, share best practices and tips.
  • Tableau Embedded: Are you looking to can share valuable insights with your network members and external stakeholders? It is possible to embed dashboards on a web page/portal/application.

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