On Wednesday 13th December the first National Policy on Philanthropy was launched by the Department of Rural and Community Development. Philanthropy Ireland was delighted to be part of the launch at the RDS.

Philanthropy Ireland, representing the sector, has advocated for this policy for a long time and we recognise the leadership of Minister O’Brien and his colleagues in the department in delivering it. This represents a key milestone to shape philanthropy in Ireland for the next five years. It will help build a sustainable model for the benefit of society today and for future generations.  

This policy framework provides opportunity to amplify and deepen awareness and understanding of philanthropy – essential if we are to drive greater engagement with philanthropy and maximise the potential to increase giving.  

In Philanthropy Ireland, we have frequently said ‘Signals Matter’ – publication of this policy is a very welcome signal that philanthropy matters to government and that it has a role to play in civil society, in fostering community wellbeing and supporting social change.

The launching of the Policy, while an essential and significant step, the next phase of work, the implementation, is vital. The momentum built to bring it to this stage is a demonstration of goodwill from a cross section of expertise and knowledge. Let’s continue to work with that, maintain the momentum and stay on a forward path of advancing philanthropy for public good.  

You can read and download the full Policy on the Department Website here: gov.ie – National Philanthropy Policy 2024-2028 (www.gov.ie)