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National Advisory Group Meeting Feb 2023Minster Joe O’Brien and members of the National Advisory Group (NAG) on Philanthropy meeting Feb 2023.

Philanthropy Ireland has linked closely with the Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD) over the past 24 months. Working with the DRCD team, colleagues, and partners, we continue to advise and support the ambition for the development of a National Policy on Philanthropy. 

In addition to formal meetings, four National Advisory Group and eight Working Groups were convened. We have contributed extensive time in maintaining momentum and inputting to materials. We look forward to continued collaboration and publishing of the policy in 2023. Review our submission on the Draft National Policy on Philanthropy below. 


In July 2023 Philanthropy Ireland provided their comments, reflections and revisions on the Draft National Philanthropy Policy-Read here Submission for Draft National Philanthropy Policy

We made a submission as part of the public consultation process on National Lottery Funding. We believe the review provides a real opportunity for the Government and the National Lottery to deepen their contribution from grant making for more impactful change across many strands of Irish society.

Read the submission here.

An anomaly in the Electoral Reform Bill on the definition of donations for political purpose was outlined and noted. On behalf of our members we submitted a letter of support to address this anomaly to the Department. of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.

We submitted our pre-budget 2023 proposal to Government. In it we asked for the provision of adequate resources to expedite the development of a Philanthropy Policy, to oversee its implementation and to facilitate review and learning. We proposed 4 moderate, actionable steps to achieving this ask.

Read the submission here.

In submitting our proposal we underlined our belief that developing the future of Enterprise Policy presents a real opportunity for Government and business – especially multi-national firms to strengthen their commitment and contribution to strategic giving.

Read the submission here.

In January 2023, we made a submission to the CSO census 2027 consultation. The submission highlighted the need to bridge the existing data gap around giving/charitable donation practiced/made in Ireland.

Read the submission here.

We submitted to Ireland’s 2023 Voluntary National Review (VNR) highlighting the contributions of philanthropy in Ireland to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The submission made key recommendations to further accelerate SDG implementation and build back a better Ireland while leaving no one behind.

Read the submission here.


We are delighted to announce the partnership of Giving Ireland (our joint collaboration with Philanthropy Ireland) and TU Dublin. The outcome of this partnership is the creation of a PhD research programme investigating how nonprofits are impacted by the culture of giving and donating in Ireland. This programme, titled: “Sustaining the Nonprofit Economy: An Investigation into Giving Culture and Infrastructure for Charity and Philanthropy in Ireland”, will aim to inform nonprofits and government policy makers to aid decision making.

Giving Ireland is a collaboration between 2into3 and Philanthropy Ireland. It seeks to provide a platform for the sector that will foster collaboration, provide insights and encourage collective action. The objective of Giving Ireland is to provide insights into charitable giving in Ireland and support informed decision-making.

Outcome of Giving Ireland and TU Dublin Partnership

As Ireland experiences significant societal change and the operational environment of nonprofits is increasingly complex, the programme combines industry with academia to address several of the nonprofit sector’s pressing issues, namely, how to scale giving to be transformative, how to move into a future/digital society sustainably/supported by giving, and how to harness policy as a tool to enable giving in a way that bests support a resilient/sustainable social economy and meet the needs of its people. 


 Its aim is to empower nonprofits to improve decision making and to invest in giving and fundraising strategies that gain support from key stakeholders (public, colleagues, boards, regulators, politicians and media), and to reduce barriers to scale charitable and philanthropic giving.