In December 2022, Philanthropy Ireland proudly launched its Philanthropy Map, showcasing the extensive reach and impact of philanthropic activities supported by its members. Since then, Philanthropy Ireland has continued to engage with its members to gain further valuable insights into the diverse array of projects they support. As a result, the map has undergone significant expansion to include an additional €53 million in grant making representing 931 grants. This illustrates the ongoing commitment of Philanthropy Ireland’s members to strategic grant-making. We would like to thank all our members who took the time to contribute to the Map. A full list of the organisations included can be found here- Philanthropy Map – Philanthropy Ireland 

Expansion of Content 

By actively engaging with its members, Philanthropy Ireland strives to continuously improve and expand the map’s content to provide a more comprehensive overview of the philanthropic landscape. This ongoing process ensures that the map remains a dynamic resource, reflecting the evolving nature of philanthropy in Ireland. The updated Philanthropy Map has expanded to include projects funded internationally, reflecting Philanthropy Ireland’s dedication to capturing the breadth of its members’ grant making. 

Themes Supported 

With the latest data in the updated map revealing an impressive influx of €53m in grants, this significant increase highlights the unwavering dedication of Philanthropy Ireland’s members in delivering strategic support to a wide range of social initiatives. Furthermore, the map also sheds light on the primary themes drawing the highest level of support. Currently, Social and Community Services largely take precedence, followed closely by Education and Research, underscoring the members’ commitment to issues affecting local communities and advancing education and knowledge.  

Main issues identified- 


Regional Distribution 

While most grants were distributed in Dublin, this reflects nonprofit partners housing their main offices in the capital city. The map also demonstrates that funding has reached even the most remote corners of the country, reinforcing the widespread impact of philanthropy in Ireland. From rural communities to bustling urban centers, Philanthropy Ireland’s members are committed to driving enduring change across the nation.  

International Philanthropy 

18% of grants were also made internationally, reflecting the impact Irish philanthropy is creating not only nationally but internationally. By capturing information on giving to overseas projects, the Philanthropy Map provides useful insights into different models of intervention. Particularly noteworthy are the funding of ecosystems and networking collaborations, which contribute to lasting change and sustainability. Recognising the value of local networks, Philanthropy Ireland’s members emphasise the importance of investing in initiatives that foster long-term positive transformation. 

Identifying Funding Gaps 

While the map encapsulates a significant number of projects, it is essential to acknowledge that not all initiatives are reflected, and Philanthropy Ireland will continue to update the map as we receive data from our members. Nonetheless, the map serves as a valuable tool for highlighting the key themes receiving funding and opening discussions on potential gaps in funding. For example, although climate change is a pressing concern, only 13% of grants are identified as supporting climate-related issues. This snapshot sparks reflection on the need to identify alternative avenues for supporting climate initiatives, given the vast nature of the challenge. 

Raising Awareness and Encouraging Engagement 

A key asset of the Philanthropy Map is its ability to provide a localised view of philanthropic activity. By profiling support at a local level, the map raises awareness of the invaluable role philanthropy plays in delivering social good within communities. It showcases the active involvement of philanthropic organisations in addressing societal issues, thereby inspiring others to join in these meaningful efforts. 

Continual Improvement and Feedback 

The Philanthropy Map is a work in progress, with Philanthropy Ireland committed to continually building, developing, and refining the information presented. While the organisation has numerous ideas for enhancing the map’s functionality, it also values feedback from users and stakeholders. Philanthropy Ireland welcomes suggestions and insights to ensure that the Philanthropy Map remains an accurate and effective representation of philanthropic activities and their impact in Ireland and beyond. 

As the map evolves and expands, it serves as a valuable resource for understanding the distribution of philanthropic efforts, promoting awareness, highlighting the need for robust data and inspiring further engagement in philanthropy for the betterment of society. 

Click here to explore the map- Philanthropy Map – Philanthropy Ireland  

If you are a Member of Philanthropy Ireland and would like to include your grant making data in the map or if you have feedback on how we can improve and utilise the map, please email Hazel at [email protected]