Welcome to Philanthropy Ireland’s recent event focused on the role of philanthropy in policy and politics. The event brought together a diverse group of individuals passionate about creating positive change in our communities through strategic philanthropic initiatives and partnerships.

In a world where policy decisions and political landscapes significantly impact our society, it is essential for the philanthropy community to recognise the power and responsibility we have in influencing meaningful change. Philanthropy goes beyond simple charitable acts; it is about driving systemic change, advocating for social justice, and championing causes that resonate with us.

During the event, participants had the opportunity to learn about how philanthropic efforts can address pressing societal issues, bridge gaps in access to resources, and amplify the voices of marginalised communities. The speakers shared valuable insights on engaging with policymakers, advocating for inclusive legislation, and fostering cross-sector collaborations to drive impactful change on a larger scale.

If you were unable to attend the event or wish to revisit the insightful discussions, you can access the summary notes from the event below. Additionally, we are excited to share a political engagement guide specially curated for philanthropy organisations looking to make a difference in the policy and political arena.