On Thursday 5th March Philanthropy Ireland in partnership with Charities Aid Foundation launched the First ever CAF Ireland Giving Report.

The report provides a rich understanding of the different ways people give and what they give to, as well as offering an insight into people’s participation in social and civic activities. This research is an important element to assist us in understanding Irish giving so that we can work to promote strategic philanthropy in Ireland.

Some key findings presented in the report are:

1. The amount individuals donate– The median amount of money donated in Ireland within the last four weeks was €30.

2. Individual giving- Three fifths of people in Ireland donated money to charity within the last year and just under two fifths sponsored someone for charity.

3. Tax Claimed on Donations — Only 14% of those donating money utilised the S.848 (A) scheme to enable the charity claim on their donation

4. Overall participation– Nine in ten people in Ireland participated in at least one charitable or social action in the last year, and more than seven in ten did so in the last four weeks.

5. Trust in charities– More than half of people in Ireland either ‘strongly’ or ‘tend to’ agree that most charities are trustworthy.

6. Volunteering– Nearly a quarter of people in Ireland volunteered in the last year, with the level of volunteering higher amongst women.

7. Top three causes– homeless people, housing and refuge shelters in Ireland, children or young people and hospitals and hospices.

Following an overview of the findings in the report, the panel engaged in discussion on the findings and broke down the results. This led to engaged conversation with the audience who offered their thoughts and questions on the results.

Thank you to Davy for hosting and to Change Donations for their support of the event. The support provided by our partners and members allows us to continue to promote the growth of philanthropy in Ireland and to hold events such as the launch of the CAF Giving Ireland 2020 Report. By facilitating conversations on giving we can identify how good giving can be supported for the benefit of society.

You can access the full report here.